The Cosinus Slide® Design

The Cosinus Slide®armor joint has a unique technology that permits the load bearing capacity of the armor joint to be that of the complete concrete floor. The top section is made up of two 0.2 inch (5 mm) thick corrugated cold rolled steel profiles. Instead of traditional anchor studs, the joint is anchored into the concrete by a technologically advanced continuous rebar system which weaves itself along the total length of the joint. Preventing overflowing of concrete, an adjustable steel plate stands between the two halves of the joint.

Cosinus Slide® armor expansion joint

Long lasting benefits:

  • Shock and vibration free forklift wheel crossing
  • Mitigates curling and spalling
  • Maximizes your return on investment
  • Reduces floor repairs and facility down time
  • Reduces the noise level within your facility
  • High level of comfort for mechanical handling equipment operators
  • Complete load transfer from slab panel to slab panel
  • Proven high satisfactory test results in extreme conditions

A Toyota Manufacturing Plant: Comparing traditional straight joint to HC-Omega Sinus Slide® - 2011

In this video we are watching the difference in sound and ware of the concrete joint in a Toyota assembly plant. This video was taken in 2011 and the HC-Omega Sinus Slide® joint was placed in 2007.

Cosinus Slide® Steel Armored Joint Follow Up On Several Facilities After Years Of Intense Service

This video features follow up visits to several industrial facilities, where HCJ Cosinus Slide® armored joints were installed. A Toyota parts distribution center in Belgium after nine years of heavy continuous service. A Rewe logistic center in Germany after 4 years. And Essers logistic center in Belgium. All these facilities' floor joints are in excellent condition after years and years of intense material handling traffic. All of these clients have written testimonials confirming the savings and long term benefits of the Cosinus Slide joint.

Advantages of the Cosinus Slide®

This unique load bearing capacity of the floor slab has been designed, tested, and proven for all kinds of mechanical handling equipment on slabs.

The loads are transferred simultaneously across the floor from slab panel to slab panel.

  • Mitigates curling.
  • Standard sizes in heights are between 90mm or 3.75" to 400mm or 16".
  • Minimizes mechanical handling equipment maintenance.
  • Reduces floor repairs and facility down time.
  • Maximizes your return on investment.
  • The corrugated waves remove the linear gap found in straight joints and straight cuts.
  • The armor joint offers unprecedented comfort for forklift operators.
  • Delivers shock and vibration free surface.
  • Reduces the noise level within your facility.
  • The two halves of the joint are held together with nylon bolts which break as concrete shrinks allowing for continuous pouring on both sides of the joint and flexible planning.
  • Available in galvanized and in stainless steel.
  • Custom built to your slab depth upon request.

PSCS can provide detailed instructions and onsite personalized training to help your team develop an in-depth understanding of the armor joint installation procedures.