Our Story

Founded in 2014, we have built a strong reputation throughout the United States and Canada as a "go to" niche supplier. We are the exclusive distributor of Hengelhoef Concrete Joints (HCJ) products in the United States and Canada.

We Are Growing

Being careful not to dilute our business model of being a specialty niche supplier, we continue to add product solutions tailored around industrial concrete flooring and steel fiber reinforced concrete. Rather than trying to compete with everyday construction suppliers, we offer niche products, with "know how" solutions and expertise. Most all of our steel fiber and HCJ armored joint offerings come with complimentary engineering design calculations if needed. For further information, please inquire within.


An experienced team of professionals

PSCS works with civil and structural engineers who have in-depth knowledge of the concrete industry. Our on-site technicians have been in the field for many years and they can help your crew in armored joint installation and other specific concrete pouring and finishing techniques, to ensure nothing short of a successful installation.

We operate in THE USA and Canada

Located in the South East of the United States, our office is located in the greater Charlotte area in North Carolina. We travel the United States and Canada to serve you with all of your public and private infrastructure and industrial concrete projects.

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