PSCS LITHOSEAL Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer/Densifier

PSCS LITHOSEAL is a premium lithium silicate sealer/densifier for concrete surfaces.

PSCS LITHOSEAL deeply penetrates and reacts with cured concrete. This reaction produces a calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores.

Treated surfaces will remain breathable, reduce porosity, reduce dusting, reduce water permeability and increase abrasion resistance.

When properly applied, PSCS LITHOSEAL will not leave the whitish blush characteristics of other sodium silicate products.


  • Reduce application costs with one step low pressure spray application on broom or power trowelled finishes.
  • Achieve architectural finishes, does not contribute to Alkali Surface
  • Reaction (ASR), Will not leave a white surface as compared to other silicate products.
  • Reduce dusting, porosity, water permeability.
  • Improves abrasion resistance, light reflectance and gloss.
  • Deeper penetrating then conventional silicates.
  • Can be used interior and exterior.
  • Fast curing. Ready for traffic in one hour for most floors.
  • Breathable
  • Apply on new or existing concrete
  • Environmentally and economically efficient sealer
  • Great for residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors
  • Single, low maintenance application