Wayne Brothers Companies at Project Live Oak in Pooler, GA (Savannah)

Being a highly competent, turn-key contractor with a deep portfolio of very large and complex industrial projects, Wayne Brothers Companies was selected by Graycor (GC) for this massive multi-story e-commerce fulfilment center. Project Live Oak in Pooler, GA (Savannah). This project had over 7,000 LF of HCJ Cosinus Slidearmored joints that were used on the robust 10" thick slab portions of the slab-on-grade (SOG). An extremely aggressive schedule required extreme planning of every single detail and a deep talent pool. We must add that being able to pour on both sides of the HCJ Cosinus Slide, enabled Wayne Brothers to shave days off of their schedule. Both Wayne Brother's prep/installation and place and finish crews performed at a high level and did excellent work in installing the HCJ Cosinus Slide armored joints and then placing and finishing the subsequent floors. Hats off to Jamey, Christian, Cody, Derek, Charlie and everyone else who we had the chance to work with. We are grateful and humble to have such clients like the Wayne Brothers Companies.