Universal, durable, indestructible and extremly resilient

These robust steel plates get casted and anchored into the concrete floor itself. Our Stelcon steel anchor plates are unmatched when durability and a high resistance against impact on interior or exterior flooring are demanded. As a long-term investment they are the first choice of metalworking shops, as well as many other heavy-duty and industrial areas. At 3 mm thick, these virtually unbreakable and non-abrasive steel tiles can withstand the harshest industrial environments. The plate surface is extremely durable even when subjected to massive impacts, shocks or when subjected such discrete high point loads. Certain requirements stipulate that Stelcon tiles have to stand up to the most stringent perfromance and aesthetic requirements, meet both food and environmental standards. For these reasons and others, Stelcon tiles are offered in natural, galvanized and stainless-steel anchor plates, providing perfect resistance to corrosion as well as a stylistically modern and functional appearance. There are two types of anchor plates (types A and S) for individual joint design. For more than 90 years, the Stelcon name has stood for excellence. From consulting to on-site technical installation assistance, we offer our clients the absolute best solutions, peace of mind and impeccable service.

Advantages of Stelcon Steel Anchor Plates:

  • Unmatched superior solution
  • Anit-slip design
  • 90 year track record
  • Technical assistance available
  • Longest lasting and highest service life for such demanding floors and pavements
  • Dust free and abraision free surfuce
  • No downtimes for maintenance and repairs