Our adjustable height, from 5-1/2 - 9-1/2" thick slabs, makes matching the embed to the slab thickness extremely easy. Bollards are used to protect various building and racking elements from potential damage. By first casting a bollard embed into the floor, the bollard should then fail at or just above the weld. Making for easy replacement of the bollard, while preserving the concrete floor.

A Toyota Manufacturing Plant: Comparing traditional straight joint to HC-Omega Sinus Slide® - 2011

In this video we are watching the difference in sound and ware of the concrete joint in a Toyota assembly plant. This video was taken in 2011 and the HC-Omega Sinus Slide® joint was placed in 2007.

Both longitudinal and latitudinal free movement of the slab

Concrete shrinks as it dries forcing a gap at some point in the slab. By designing a gap in the slab using our durable and robust steel armor expansion joints, the concrete will naturally shrink and the joint will take up the shrinkage of the concrete. Our joints allow for free expansion and contraction while allowing the slab to freely move side to side. Our continuous load transfer steel armor joints allow for free horizontal movement of the slab.