Straight HC-Omega Used on Prologis’ Club Car Project in Appling, GA

April 26, 2018: The world's largest logistics warehouse developer, Prologis, selected the Straight HC-Omega armored joint to be used in conjunction with Ductilcrete's wide joint slab system at their 556,000 SF Club Car build to suit project in Appling, GA.

As the popularity for such wide joint floor slabs grows, so does the need for armored joints. Although there are many benefits with proven designs that successfully eliminate joints, it must be realized that movements at the fewer joints can become greater.

The concrete contractor, Martin Concrete, really liked the easier and faster installation of the Straight HC-Omega. Martin chose to take advantage of PSCS' on-site training technician, to ensure that their first HCJ installation was successful.

All of the HCJ Armored Joint profiles do not require the multiple steps of, 1. installing form boards, 2. installing plastic female dowel pockets, 3. installing armored joint assembly on top of form board, 4. stripping forms after pouring, and then 5. installing dowel plates. All of these steps are literally all consolidated into the installing of the. HCJ profile itself. Plus, the ability to be able to pour on both sides at once is another huge advantage.