Straight HC-Omega Armored Joint Used on Record Breaking Mega Slab pour at General Motors

January 30, 2018: On the evening of January 13, 2018, the MegaSlab pour began at General Motors Arlington, TX assembly plant. This was a continuous, non-stop pour that in total was, 6,470 cubic yards of concrete for a 8-inch thick, 256,100 SF slab.

To scale up for such a production, the self-performing contractor, Barton Malow, partnered with Virginia based Lloyd Concrete Services and Ohio based Unlimited Concrete Solutions. The companies had assembled over 130 tradesmen to ensure that the 1.5 day long pour would be nothing short of a success. Additionally, Structural Services, Inc. (SSI) was hired as a consultant to ensure that all details and steps were addressed.

SSI proposed for the HCJ Straight HC-Omega to be installed to separate the 377' – 6" wide pour, into two separate, more manageable placements. The straight HC-Omega is truly full depth, and does not use any sort of dowel bars, or plate dowels. Instead, the 2 x 5 mm thick profile utilizes the omega key to create a unique continuous load transfer. And unlike other armored joint profiles, the Straight HC-Omega can be poured on both sides simultaneously; allowing for such a large, continuous placement to occur.