Strong and durable

The Straight HC-Omega®profile is a very strong and durable free movement joint that has proved its effectiveness since 1989. Made up of two 1/5th inch thick continuous cold rolled steel profiles, its male and female connection system prevents vertical movement and guarantees optimal load transfer while still allowing for free horizontal movement in both directions of the concrete slab. Using precise automation, the welded nelson studs guarantee solid anchorage to the concrete when shrinking occurs. As with all the armor joints, the top edge of the joint is milled ensuring perfect evenness of the two steel plates and lasting edge protection.

Advantages of the Straight HC-Omega® joint

  • Globally proven with over 3 million linear feet of armor joint installed
  • Ridge and robust, it is easy to install
  • Continuously transfers load from slab panel to slab panel
  • Mitigates curling, spalling and rocking
  • Reduces joint repairs and facility down time
  • Proven high satisfactory test results in extreme conditions
  • Allows for continuous pouring on both sides of the joint
  • Heights are between 120mm or 4-3/4" to 300mm or 12".
  • Custom manufactured to suit any slab thickness and fully galvanized or manufactured in stainless steel upon request.