Continuous support for passing forklift wheels.

Similar to the Cosinus Slide®, the corrugated armor joint makes it possible for vibration and shock free crossings. This joint can seamlessly connect from a Straight HC-Omega®joint to a Corrugated HC-Omega® for high traffic sections of your slab. The bottom half of the joint provides optimal load transfer through the male and female connection from one panel to another. Combining the top section of the Cosinus Slide®and the Straight HC-Omega®, the cold rolled 1/5th inch steel wave profile provides a high level of rigidity and continuous support for passing forklift wheels with an unprecedented level of comfort for the machine operator.

Maximum Slab Expectancy

Many saving are accumulated due to the design of the joint. The material handling equipment will no longer suffer shocks and vibrations and the users will enjoy a smoother ride.

  • Less wear and tear on the forklift thus increasing its life expectancy.
  • Maximum slab lifetime expectancy.
  • The loads are transferred simultaneously across the floor from slab panel to slab panel.
  • Mitigates curling.
  • Mitigates costly floor repairs and facility down time.
  • Maximizes your return on investment.
  • Corrugated waves remove the linear gap found in straight joints and straight cuts.
  • The armor joint offers unprecedented comfort for forklift operators.
  • Delivers shock and vibration free surface.
  • Reduces the noise level within your facility.
  • The two halves of the joints are held together with nylon bolts which break as concrete shrinks allowing for continuous pouring on both sides of the joint and flexible planning.
  • The joint can be placed simultaneously with the straight Omega joint; therefore you can chose to use the corrugated joint only in the high traffic areas.
  • Available in galvanized and in stainless steel.
  • Standard heights are between 120mm or 4-3/4" to 300mm or 12".
  • Custom built to your slab depth upon request.

PSCS will provide detailed instructions and onsite personalized training to help your team develop an in-depth understanding of the armor joint installation procedures. With only the savings on forklifts wheels, the return on investment can be recovered in less than one year by using these joints in strategic locations.